Dakotah Designs

 M Kathleen Ewing

                     Wells, Texas





Each gourd is a one of a kind.

Decorated in styles from Southwest to Contempory each will add a bit of Mother Nature to your home

Bear Fetish Gourd.


tribal gourd

Dragonfly Gourd with Stand







































Ravens Flight










        Designs !!!   

        I've been working

     on some new styles

         of gourd art and

   finally got some done.

            Let me know

          what you think.


Shades of Earth and Sky





















Dragonfly Dreams


























































Semi Precious





























Woodland Warrior
This Gourd has been carefully wood burned with a bear fetish design.
Using various paints, stains and dyes the color is carefully applied.
Its rimmed using a Philodendron Sheaf
then trimmed with beads, semi precious stones and feathers.  
Size is 10" tall by 9" wide
 Cost is 42.50 with shipping of $12.00

I call this my Tribal Gourd.

Wood burned figures completely circle the gourd
 with each figure wearing a "coat of many colors". 
Date palm stitched on with waxed linen thread rims the top edge of the artwork. Its finished with beaded drops
consisting of Onyx, copper colored glass and gold metal beads. 
Tribal is 7" tall x 7" wide  

$49.00 with 8.50 shipping

This Iridescent Dragon fly will add a bit of the outdoors where ever you place it..

  Using a small carving bur the background

was carefully removed to add depth and contrast.
Wood burned then painted with iridescent paint
this piece just glimmers as it sits on a black metal display stand.  
 Rimmed with date palm,
a beaded collar, in the same colors as the wings,
 adds the finishing touch.

It sits on its own 6 in tall stand.

The Dragonfly alone is 8.75 ins tall x 6 ins wide.
 Total height is almost 15 inches tall 

 Priced at 55.00 with a shipping cost of 10.00


I admit I have a thing for leaves and Vines is design I love to do.
Its done completely free form. I don't draw anything on the gourd, I just start burning and the gourd tells me how to "vine" on it.
 No two are ever alike so you know
you're getting something totally original.  
 I couldn't duplicate the design even if I tried! 
 Vines is made using a bottle gourd and rimmed using date palm to give it a rolled edge.
 Using a pearlescent power added to the dye,
 I added iridescent green accents to the leaves
for just a touch of color.  
Vines sits 5 inches tall x 5 inches wide.
 Cost is $32.00 with Shipping costs an additional $7.00  
Ravens Flight
Ravens are fascinating creatures, held in high regard in many cultures ranging from Native American to Celtic.
 Ravens Flight has a black base
with a deep mahogany red band around it.
Accented with 2 smaller gold bands, the top section was left the gourds natural color for greater contrast.
 The Ravens are caught in mid flight, as if riding high on the wind,
as they watch the earth below.
 Its rimmed using date palm, black waxed linen thread and accented with 3 sets of black feathers inset into gold metal beads that have Celtic knot pattern on them
                      Ravens Flight measures 11 wide by 7 inches tall. 
                          The center opening is 3 inches in diameter
                                     Cost is $75.00 plus 12.00 shipping
                                         Shades of Earth and Sky
Shades of Earth and Sky was made using several new techniques
Ive been learning that include adding more color
and more weaving to my creations.  
 A large Canteen gourd was dyed a deep rich mahogany brown
Beaded ribbon and fancy yarns, along with dyed reed in shades of blue,
 smoke vine rattan and raffia were woven
 in a free form style to create the rim.
 The top is finished using dried philodendron sheaves
 along with an accent of turquoise blue eyelash yarn
and a walnut shell slice
                          Measuring 11 inches tall and 13 inches wide 
                 Shades of Earth and Sky costs 96.00 plus 10.00 shipping
Dragonfly Dreams
Here's another one of my new style of Gourd Art.
Using colored inks I added greens and rusts to the body of the gourd
 along with a dusting of gold to add a just a subtle glimmer.
Waxed linen thread in forest green and spring green
was woven in the center to create a 2 toned dream catcher
A green and brown Czech cut crystal bead along with
a silver tone dragonfly hangs from the center of the dream catcher
  Using dried Philodendron sheaves, the top edge was finished and a
  bone button and green feather were added
 to further accent the piece.
Dragonfly Dreams measures  8.5 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide
The Dream catcher is 5 inches tall by 4 inches tall
Dragonfly Dreams costs 65.00
plus 8.00 shipping

Winter Warrior

 Was made using a gourd top that was gesseoed to created a wonderful rough texture. Spray painted a glossy black with gold accents, his headpiece consists of Silver Pheasant,Ostrich and Chicken feathers accented with 3 snake vertebra and glass beads.
A Rabbit fur base helps keep him warm and the felt base will protect where ever you place him.
He measures 9 inches tall from top to bottom and 11 inches from side to side   which includes his headdress from tip to tip
Cost of Winter Warrior is $38.00
                                                plus $8.00shipping




Color dictated this design.

 produced a shimmery dark blue that reminded me of the night sky.

I added another layer of gold shimmer

and decorated it with moons, stars and swirls

in lavender, purple and silver.

 Rimmed with palm bloom,

the top has beads with suns, moons and stars on them to enhance the celestial theme.  

Starry Sky stands about 7 inches tall and is 7 inches at the base.

The opening is almost 3 ins across


 Starry Sky is $48.00 with $8.00 shipping

My Favorite

Of all the experimenting I've been doing this one is my favorite. The deep mahogany color, graduating colors in the dream catcher, the gold accent, I just love how this turned out.  I even made the stand by "up cycling" some copper tubing I had been given. Its rimmed with Philodendron sheaves and metallic gold thread. The accent is made with pheasant feathers and a coconut button with a glass bead.


On its stand My Favorite is   inches tall and   inches wide with a top opening of   inches


My Favorite is $95.00 plus $12.00 shipping


                                    Semi Precious
                                      is named because the colors
                      represent the semi precious stones I like to work with.
                                  Copper, turquoise, and aventurine
                                   are just a few of the colors shown.
                           The cannon ball gourd has a copper shimmer 
                                  that the other colors float across.
                      I rimmed the V shape top edge using teal color raffia
                           and added a beaded accent of glass seed beads
                              with a larger turquoise bead as focal point.
                           Semi Precious stands just shy of 6 inches tall
                                                and is 6 inches across,
                                         with a top opening of 2x3 inches
                    Cost is $42.00 plus $8.00 shipping

Woodland Warrior

Greens and Gold bring to mind the woodlands in the fall. With his  headdress made of pheasant, chicken and peacock feathers he stands about 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide. His neck is beaded in shades of green and gold glass beads

with a felt base to help protect your furniture


        Woodland Warrior

             is $38.00

       Plus $8.00 shipping