Dakotah Designs
                 M. Kathleen Ewing
                    Wells, Texas

Most of the time I sell whats on the website as fast as I get them on here so Ive decided to use it mainly as a gallery of my work. If you see something you're really interested  in contact me and I'll see if its  still in stock.  If it isnt I can make something similar  to what you viewed or what ever you have in mind.  

While I do try to check my mail on daily basis PLEASE allow me 24 hrs to get back to you. 

If you're in a hurry and want to reach me the old fashioned way just call me direct

 Land line is 936-867-5755 

 My cell is 936-828-0050 

If you receive no answer on either line PLEASE leave a message. I promise to call you back!

  Living where I do often calls to my cell go straight to voice mail without even ringing.  So again please leave a message.

 It's just another one of the many many joys of living in a rural area!!!!                                                                                           

Snippits from various shows and samples of some of my work.  As you can see there's something for everyone no matter what their taste or décor is.